Chromium effect 85%.

Chromium effect 85%.

Do you want to discover our exclusive Metalchrome chrome effect paint?

We have been constantly developing our paints and pigments for more than 15 years. Specializing in our chrome effect paint that achieves up to 85% mirror effect. It is a unique finish that is not intended to imitate or replace the 100% mirror effect chrome plating that we achieve with our chrome plating machines or by electrolytic bath. It is an effect that coexists in parallel to pure chrome plating. Chrome effect paint has become very fashionable in the automotive world. There are already many brands of cars and motorcycles that work with this finish in both bodywork and rims. It is a much more elegant and discreet finish that is really trendy nowadays.


Our chrome effect paint is formulated with the highest quality chrome pigment on the market, the most reflective and the lowest micronage. That is why our chrome effect is the only one on the market that really achieves an 85% mirror effect, differing from the matt aluminum finishes of the competition.

To achieve this chrome effect finish you have to work on a high gloss black base (varnished with a 2K), apply the Metalchrome chrome effect and then our exclusive CR2 fixative.

What is CR2 varnish used for?

During all these years we have been trying to find an intercoat product that would protect our chrome paint from 2K clearcoats. This has been the workhorse of all of these as all chrome paints are removed when clear coated with a 2K clearcoat. When the metallic particle is removed, it loses much of its mirror effect. To solve this reaction of the chrome paint, we have developed a hybrid lacquer that sits between the chrome plating and the 2K finishing lacquer and prevents the chrome from being removed by 60%.

Is it possible to make the chrome effect in colors?

Of course you can, you only have to apply a tinted varnish in the color of your choice in the final phase of the process.

Where can I download the complete manual to apply the Metalchrome chrome effect?


Where can I buy the Metalchrome chrome effect?

Access here to our online store to buy our Chrome Effect paint. Kits of all sizes from 1/8L to 5L. Get the chrome effect in silver or any other color.


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