Chrome / metalchrome effect

Special Paints

Total driving paint

(below 2 Ohms, in gray monocomponent color, easy to apply and fast drying. Painted with brush, airless, roller, pistol or silkscreen.

Suitable for electrodeposition of metals (electrolytic processes).

Conduction between 0,5-2 Ohms.
Good resistance to weathering, abrasion and scratches
Good adhesion on almost any surface, even plastic.
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conductive paint, 10 to 4-5 Ohms range

With the possibility of creating it also insulative or total “non-conductive”. All colors available (red, blue, black, black, green,…)

Application : Dilute at 50% with its catalyst.

Apply 1 or 2 coats, depending on the desired level of coverage.

No final protection varnish required

Conduction between 104-5 Ohms.
Good resistance to weathering, abrasion and scratches
Good adhesion on almost any surface, including plastic surfaces
Possibility of manufacturing in any color (also from RAL or NCS chart).
25 L containers.

New paint for glass, easy to apply, and excellent resistance to water, humidity, weathering,…

Revolutionary glass paint, polyurethane based, with great hiding power, fast drying (dry to the touch in 10 minutes), and perfect adhesion without primer. It can be dried in the oven (50-60ºC). It has a special component that makes it highly resistant to humidity and water (hot-cold). Resists all types of impacts, without cracks or breaks. Its easy application is one of its main characteristics, being able to paint with it, even the less experienced. Available in all conceivable colors, it can also be manufactured according to RAL or NCS standards. In addition, there is the possibility of manufacturing exclusive colors for the customer. We have opaque colors, as well as translucent or transparent. We can also manufacture in special colors, such as colored flakes or glitters, neon or fluorescent, chameleons, pearlized.
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Anticaloric single component paint, easy to apply on metal.

Withstands up to 650 ºC
Ideal for use in: the motor world (exhaust pipes, engines, discharge pipes, etc.) or for use in the home (boilers, stoves, fire extinguishers, etc.).
Also available in spray

Corten effect paint

Rusty corten steel effect paint, bicomponent
→ Direct adhesion on: Various plastics, glass.
→ Finish: Matte.
→ Resistance: high outdoor resistance and extraordinary adhesion.
→Application: Spray gun. On iron it is recommended the previous application of an anticorrosive primer.
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Non-stick “Teflon” paint

Floor paint (gloss and matte)

Anti-rust varnish for iron

Primer for polystyrene (cork…)

Nitrocellulose Paint

Polyethylene and polypropylene primer

Signaling paint

Paint for boats

Canvas paint

Washable white paint for interior and exterior walls (25 Kgs.)

Rust activator

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