Glass paint

Glass paint

OPACA glass paint for spray painting, high quality bicomponent polyurethane, extraordinary direct adhesion and resistance to external agents. Super easy application.

Professional paint ideal for
glassworks, carpentry, glass crafts / jewelry or glass work manufactures, working with a spray or airbrush painting process.
that work by means of a spray or airbrush painting process.


– Formulated in two-component polyurethane-acrylic solvent-based resin.

– Direct adhesion on any non-porous surface such as glass, glass or metraquilato (previously degreased).

– This paint catalyzes 2 to 1 with its catalyst DVA2136 (catalyst supplied by default with it).

– It can be optionally diluted to 10% with acrylic thinner for guns of 1.0mm or less.

– An ultra adhesion catalyst (DCP9156) can be used to work on metals, aluminum, silver, brass, nickel silver (request in order comments).


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