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Pure chrome plating

If what you need is to chrome any piece of any material, so that it resembles 100% chrome plating, the best solution is our Master Chrome System water chrome plating machine. You can visit chrome plating of any materialThe products range from wood, cardboard, glass, aluminum, iron, fiberglass, plastics (ABS, PP Polypropylene, PE Polyethylene, Methacrylate, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, Glass or Crystal, PC Polycarbonate,…), with a high resistance to weathering, rain, humidity, U.V., shock and friction. You will be able to chrome plating all these materials, without limitation of size or shape. Among the water-based hydrochrome systems, it is the most profitable option for medium and high productions, for workshops, industries, varnishers,…

Our machines and systems for chrome plating or silver plating parts are manufactured in our own workshop, as well as the products and supplies for chrome plating or chemical silver plating, as it is often called. All Chrome Plating Equipment is adjusted and delivered perfectly calibrated, ready to be used at the moment of reception.

  • Environmentally friendly. Chrome paint is water-based, and is much more environmentally friendly than electrolytic or hexavalent chrome plating, as it does not contain toxic metals.
  • Applied in 3 coats, including basecoat and clearcoat.
  • Perfect for almost any surface: aluminum, plastic (ABS, polypropylene,…), metal, wood, MDF, glass,
  • Possibility of color chrome plating
  • Possibility of incorporating into production lines
  • Can be used in flexible materials
  • Instruction manual and full step-by-step video included.

We have 3 systems to achieve pure chrome plating

Master System

With this machine you will be able to chrome any piece of any size in a comfortable and fast way. It has wheels so it can be transported anywhere in the workshop.

NEW DESIGN. More robust, easier to transport and with better maneuverability. This way you can chrome in the booth or in remote areas, since the application of chrome can really be done anywhere, since the spraying of the silver with distilled water is not affected by the dust in the environment. However, it is advisable to use the extraction system in the booth in order to be able to clean better once the work is finished.

NEW FRONT PANEL with automatic cleaning system.
More intuitive and easier to use. With individual regulation for each gun and tank for greater control of spraying. All Chrome Plating Systems are tested and adjusted at the factory so that most parts can be directly chrome plated without having to adjust the machine.

NEW DEPOSIT LOCATION, more accessible and easier to refill, with a more precise fit and air-mounted without housing. This makes it much easier to refill and clean than the previous version, and even easier to remove them from the machine if necessary, disconnecting the hoses more quickly, in case they need to be cleaned thoroughly on occasion.

NEW CHROME PLATING GUN. Fully manufactured by Racing Colors. The lightest and lightest on the market. Manufactured 100% in hard plastic and resistant to chemical products, it is a gun that also applies the product 100% directly on the piece to be chromium-plated, since it works without air, only with the pressure of the tanks. Very ergonomic and with very soft triggers to avoid fatigue when chrome plating many parts. In addition, it has no mechanical parts or nozzles and needles that break or damage, or need to be replaced. It is simply a lifetime gun that requires no maintenance.

Nozzles for small to medium-sized parts and special nozzles for very large parts are included.

Master Chrome System
consists of:
– 1 special double gun for application of the chemical product chrome A and B.
– 3 stainless steel tanks of 18L. with built-in adapters and dispensers.
-1 Water gun
– 1 Activator Gun
– 1 Preactivator Gun
– 1 Air blow gun
– Matte black lacquered stainless steel structure with wheels for transportation
– Cleaning system
– Individual regulators for each gun



1. Portable System

Introducing the new Portable Chrome Plating System, perfect for plating any part, of any material and small to medium size. It includes all the components for professional chrome plating of parts, but at a much lower cost, obtaining the same level of chrome finish.

General characteristics:

Portable Chrome System
consists of:

– 1 Special double spray gun for application of the chemical product chrome A and B.

– 3 stainless steel tanks of 9L. with built-in adapters and dispensers.

– 1 Water gun.

– 1 Activator Gun

– 1 Preactivator Gun

– 1 Air blow gun

– Professional transport trolley with wheels

– Cleaning system



3. Chrome Sprays Kit

Spraying system with sprays to achieve 100% chrome plating in the fastest, easiest and most economical way. Ideal for small parts such as helmets, prototypes, modeling,…


– 1 Dual component spray
– 1 Spray of distilled water
– 1 PreActivator Spray
– 1 Activator Spray
– Silver component A and B (500 ml)
– Base Coat CB-7 (250 ml)
– Final chrome varnish CF-4 (250 ml)
– Activator (60 ml)
– PreActivator (60 ml)
– Distilled water 2L for rinsing and mixing of Activator and Preactivator

You will need a spray gun to apply the base coat and topcoat.
The procedure is as follows:

1) Apply the base coat, dry thoroughly.
2) Apply the pre-activator
3) Apply distilled water
4) Apply the activator
5) Apply distilled water
6) Apply chrome
7) Apply distilled water
8) Dry well and apply the varnish.

Full instructions are available on the store’s website.




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