RCN Custom Paints Sprays

RCN Custom Paints Sprays

We pack in sprays all the range of RCN Custom Paints, super economic prices. Works with the No. 1 customization paint without the need for painting equipment.

Work with professional quality paints thanks to RCN Custom Paints sprays. Work them on your car, motorcycle, bike or any part you want, the result will always be extraordinary.


RCN Custom Paints paint sprays. Designer paint with a range of unique colors: pearlescent, metallic, candy, fluorescent, chameleon and opaque.

Acrylic paints formulated in solvent base, with intense color and fast drying. Ideal for all types of finishes that require a high quality finish, whether in bodywork, cars, motorcycles, bicycles or helmets, or in industry.

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